Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

SHINE: is a journal of Guidance and Counseling aims to help researchers and practitioners in improving a good reputation for reference from the various authors and cases around Indonesia In the development of science which figuring out the results of research, case studies, and library review to develop in terms of counseling and psychology guidance widely. It also beneficial to be a reference for the development of education, curriculum and the development of human resources (SDM),

SHINE: a Journal of Guidance and Counseling to receive and publish articles based on both qualitative and quantitative research (scientific article). 

All articles published in Indonesia (abstract English)

The scope of SHINE: The Journal of Guidance and Counseling focuses on the materials of research such us in terms of science, practice/skills, philosophy, and social. The psychology also being a part of this scope containing the various topics as the following:

  1. The Research of pedagogical competence.
  2. The research of personality competence
  3. The Research of Social Competence
  4. The research of professional competence.
  5. Research on the development of education.
  6. The experimental, quantitative, qualitative, classroom activities, and library research.

SHINE Journal: The Journal Guidance and Counseling are only written by Indonesian authors as the following criteria:

 (1) The publisher of the journal comes from Indonesia

 (2) The article needs to be associated with the conditions in Indonesia or the country that has the same condition which is expected to have implications and contributions to address the problems of education in Indonesia.